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If you two have fought about this repeatedly, and he’s refused to budge or agree on a move-out date—or at the very least take up the cooking and cleaning duties himself—then you’re already at an impasse. This was shocking, considering they seemed to be otherwise for years.

Her eldest son, “Tom,” and I were also friends, but now he’s turned out to be the biggest fanatic of the bunch, and the one who radicalized the rest.

We all grew up together and I’ve always felt we had a strong connection, but it was only months before they began dating that I began to consider my feelings as more than a friendship.

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A year ago in a moment of complete stupidity, I agreed to let Kyle, Jessica, and her son move into our house to save money so Jessica could go to school to become a stylist.

I’ve picked up other hobbies, tried limited contact instead of going cold turkey, made new friends, written down my feelings extensively, and nothing helps!

The only avenue I can think of at this point is therapy, which I have neither the time nor money for.

I have said we could get them an apartment and pay for a few months rent, but you’d think I was throwing them out in the cold on Christmas.

I am tired of this and am this close to giving the ultimatum of “I am selling the house and moving, come if you like or not.” I love my husband, but I am tired of being cast into the role of villain because I think a 24-year-old married mother should be able to stand on her own feet.

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