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If you do not report your injury within 120 days, however, you lose your right to receive benefits of any kind.

Your employer will then either deny or accept the claim.

You have 21 days from the date you were injured to tell your employer, so you will want to make your report as soon as possible.

If you fail to report your injury within this timeframe, you will not necessarily lose your right to make a claim, but possible benefit payments may be delayed.

The workers’ compensation system in Pennsylvania can include different benefits, including: In addition to these benefits, in some cases, it is possible to bring a third-party lawsuit against someone other than your employer who was liable for your injury.

Defective machinery, for example, can precipitate this kind of claim.

An experienced attorney can help you navigate the paperwork and any other requirements to establish a claim and recover the compensation you deserve.

When reporting your injury in the workplace, report the time and date of the incident and tell your employer or supervisor you were hurt during the course of employment.

For this reason, you must tell your employer where you are getting treatment.

Once you receive benefits, your employer or their insurance carrier can ask you to see a physician of their choosing for an examination.

A: Most workers in Pennsylvania are covered, including workers in non-profits and very small businesses.

Longshoremen, volunteers, federal civilian employees, railroad employees, shipyard workers, domestics, harbor employees, agricultural laborers and casual workers are not covered.

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