Adult web cam password hack

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They later discovered the camera was hacked by someone with an IP address located in the Netherlands and that their pictures were posted online.An Ohio couple thought they had an intruder in their home one night when they heard a loud voice shouting, “Wake up, baby!

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Besides hacking into the computer to use the webcam, the perpetrator also worked their way into Clark’s profile and added themselves to her contacts, so that they could send Clark the pictures.He urged everyone else to do the same.“To prevent this type of attack, users need to follow basic security practices: they should not click on links from unknown sources, install software from questionable sites, or open email attachments from unknown senders,” Katz says.“In addition, they should be running antivirus software.”Another way to keep your private business private is to think long and hard when it comes to creating a strong password.Since Clark’s privacy settings prevent “non-friends” from sending her messages, the hacker had to do so in order to show her the images.A Minnesota couple told KTTC that they noticed something was off with their surveillance system when they heard it playing strange songs at night.

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