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Catholics and Jews are granted religious toleration in Pennsylvania but are not given the right to vote, a privilege extended only to Protestants.The English Act of Toleration extends freedom of worship to dissenting religious groups, though with limitations and restrictions.They ban Native ceremonies, burn religious icons, destroy sacred places and demand the colony's soldiers enforce the one true faith.In 1675, 47 Pueblo leaders are imprisoned in Santa Fe for sorcery; three are publicly hanged. 10, 1680, 2,000 Pueblos rise up in what becomes known as the Pueblo Revolt.Outspoken, opinionated and well versed in the Bible, Hutchinson accuses the ministers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony of teaching false doctrine and asserts that God has spoken to her directly -- a claim considered heresy in Puritan theology.Hutchinson's righteous insistence gets her in trouble with the religious and political authorities, including Governor John Winthrop.Written by Thomas Jefferson and first submitted in 1779, the Virginia Act for Establishing Religious Freedom proposes ending state support of the Anglican Church.

By the early 1600s, Franciscan friars report that hundreds of Pueblos are converting to Catholicism, but they notice that many of the "converted" Pueblos continue to practice their own religion.Its inhabitants are required by law to be members of the Anglican Church and to pay taxes to support the church.Other religions, termed "dissenting religions," do not have freedom of worship.This emphasis on personal choice threatens to undermine the authority of ministers in established churches.The document formally severing ties with the British government enshrines the American idea that "liberty" and "freedom" are rights given by God.

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