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Sometimes more is more, and often it opens us up to a specific style home we never would have thought of.

Many of the elements of Antonio's loft are immediately familiar from his show .

It was this very experience that opened many doors to Antonio's career, landing him on set with world famous photographers such as Annie Leibovitz and Mark Seliger.

In my opinion, it is his experience of building these sets that set the tone for his personal design style.

There are adornments such as his grandparents' funeral cards and crosses.

He's also added things from ex-girlfriends, his first dog's tags, and even a locket of his mother's ashes.

Name: Antonio Ballatore Chewie, the 6 year old English Bulldog Location: Downtown — Los Angeles, California Size: 3,300 square feet Years lived in: 10 months — rent To win a show such as HGTV's Design Star you must have an extremely rich point of view and a unique vision.

I also believe what makes a successful interior designer is the ability to find what is special about the client and integrate that into the design.

One of the most significant possessions can be found in his dining room.You will never be bored in Antonio's loft because there is just so much to see. What Friends Say: They say that the space definitely defines me and who I am. " Biggest Embarrassment: Chewie and the bathrooms that I haven't gotten around to completing yet. Biggest Indulgence: Collecting Best Advice: Personalize and customize. You can find things everywhere you look, from the side of the road to crazy flea markets to high-end furniture stores.My Style: Medieval cave dwelling meets modern loft living. A few extra questions for Antonio: What is the single most significant thing in your home? Everything I own has a meaning behind it and is significant to me.He told me that before the bison head got mounted, the bison ended up going crazy on the farm.It jumped over the fence and ran directly into traffic, causing a 6-car pile up.

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