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star laid waste to one of the internet’s longest-running movie memes by finally collecting the Oscar he’d long sought for his mantelpiece.

Yet Di Caprio’s best-actor statuette will go down as only the second- most-significant aspect of the 2016 awards.

She comes backs as a ghost and asks her friend to help her find who killed her.

Both the friends then start their investigation, and what they come across leaves them to spell bounded.

This year 10 black actors and film-makers, including our own Ruth Negga, star of .

Has there ever been an otherwise great film dragged down so severely by one brutal flaw?

It’s an ugly thing that just 16 years after American atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this depiction dehumanised Japanese people for US audiences.Looking at her condition, Song-hee starts making food for her.An initial helping gesture turns out to be tormenting for Yun-hee, and it takes a weird turn when Song-hee starts forcing the food into her mouth.Two lives, showing how a person can change by living in isolation.And a worthy watch too, thanks to its submission for Academy awards.

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