Ataru dating

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Lum and Ran even shared the same love interest, Rei, but Lum left him.

When she was a child she was usually violently punished by her mother which could have traumatized Ran to develop her split personalities.Because of all of this, Ran has come to Earth in order to exact revenge on Lum.She follows Lum to Earth and enrolls in Tomobiki High School, but has a different class than Ataru and the main cast.Minor character introduced: Miki Summary: It’s a hot summer day, and Lum is watching the final game of the high school baseball tournament on TV.(Probably Koshien; it kind of feels like a crossover with the final episode of a very different series.) Lum can’t help but notice the difference between these dedicated ballplayers and Ataru, and we cut to him downstairs, in his underwear and phoning girls for dates.

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