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Liberty appears to be very busy in evaluating disability insurance claims and that unfortunately results in unreasonable claim denials.

Can I legally use these digital recordings publicly (via Internet, media etc.) to expose them for what they are doing to innocent people?

You should appeal your denial and not give up your fight for benefits. My case manager admitted that she did receive two voice mails from my Primary Care doctor, with the request of a call back to her so she knew more of what they want.

My case manager told me that she doesn’t call doctors back.

Allow the DOI to investigate and if there is no resolution after 30 days then hire an attorney. Social Security had me examined by two different physicians and approved my “total disability” the first time through because it was very obvious to their doctors that I was quite disabled from even doing simple (sedentary) task a lot of the time.

If you are under appeal guidlines where your appeal has to be completed within that 30 days, then obviously hire the attorney first. As well my CT scans and X-rays showed that it was a small miracle that my PFT test were (barely) moderate considering the severity of my (digressive) illness.

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