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On the Hotlist you see the top trending venues in real-time.On the Heatmap you see the activity of your city on a map.Beyond the Ouse, the walls resume at Skeldergate, where there was once another postern.They climb past Baile Hill, take a right turn and proceed north-west parallel to the Inner Ring Road.The south corner was in what is now Feasegate, and from here the wall continued northwest to the west corner.The point where the wall crossed the via praetoria is marked by a plaque in St Helen's Square near the Mansion House.

The foundations and the line of about half of these Roman walls form part of the existing walls, as follows: The line of the rest of the Roman wall went south-west from the east corner, crossing the via principalis of the fortress where King's Square is now located.

Tizzy Beck, the big macher of Tizzy’s, a born and raised New Yorker brings a little piece of NYC to Milano.

Serving up the American classic dishes, brunch and drinks.

From the east corner of the Roman walls, the medieval wall extends to Layerthorpe Bridge.

After the bridge, the King's Fishpool, a swamp created by the Normans' damming of the River Foss, provided adequate security for the city, and no walls were ever built in this area.

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