Benefits of dating a dancer

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Even those dancers who do use wheelchairs often move outside the chair, either through being lifted by standing dancers or by doing floor work.Many of the dancers have extremely customized wheelchairs that are designed to facilitate easier movement for dancing.After spending nearly three years in a hospital recovering and working with a physical therapist who was also a dancer, Lunn planned to go to a dance class in her wheelchair for the first time. “I had to finally make it okay in my mind, body, and spirit that I couldn’t do all the same things.I was not going to recover or be the way I was before the accident.” Accepting that fact and still committing to try a dance class in her wheelchair was one of the most difficult parts of her recovery.As a teenager, she danced in principal roles with the New Orleans Civic Ballet and later on joined the Washington Ballet in DC.She began rehearsing for her first Broadway production in 1987 when she suffered a horrible accident.

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She transposes traditional dance techniques to fit her ability, and in that way stays true to the art of dance.

Fear of failure and rejection held Lunn back from pursuing what was once as natural as breathing to her, but she committed to moving forward.

Just participating in the class, however, proved challenging to Lunn—not because of her physical limitations but because of the attitudes of those around her.

Every movement conveys a message and tells a story to the audience through the performers' bodies. Likely you're picturing them to be tall, slender, and attractive, able to move as lightly as a bird on delicate toes that must have superhuman strength. Contrasting this stereotype is Infinity Dance Theater, a nontraditional dance company in New York City that features dancers with and without disabilities, including those in wheelchairs.

Combining classical ballet with components of modern and jazz dance, the dance company was founded in 1995 by Kitty Lunn after a life-changing accident.

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