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My theoretical approach is founded in the cross field between surveillance studies, computer ethics and philosophy of technology.I will pursue three research questions in this order: The practice of online social networking: Space, place and time In this section I will connect space, place and time to online social networking by focusing on three correlating aspects.However, only a small minority includes their full name, phone number and e–mail address.Besides profiles, the space includes a list of friends [2] and a commenting feature, and these three features – profiles, friends and comments – make up the basic structure of My Space as well as most other social networking sites (boyd and Ellison, 2007).In the context of online social networking, surveillance is something potentially empowering, subjectivity building and even playful — what I call participatory surveillance.Introduction The practice of online social networking: Space, place and time Surveillance discourses of online social networking Participatory surveillance Conclusion Introduction In this article, I study online social networking as a practice based on participatory surveillance.An obvious reason for the spatial discourse in relation to computing and the Internet could be the desire to organize and classify.

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The owner of a space provides details in a profile with personal information.

As such, cyberspace can be considered the space of online activities, including mundane Web surfing and social interaction, and this spatial metaphor thus differs from the physical Internet consisting of servers.

Other influential spatial metaphors include to describe relations between Web sites.

Examples of this trend include (detecting location and connects the user to things nearby) and My Mo So So (which uses Wi– Fi peer–to–peer mode to facilitate networking with people within a two–minute walk).

The relation between cyberspace and physical spaces is interesting, since it demonstrates that online social networking is not only in a mixed zone, online and off-line, and this leads to new perspectives on cyberspace and geographical places.

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