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It is up to your sole discretion how naughty or nice you want to play.

All you have to do is be yourself and do what comes naturally.

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Make Money While You Mingle- Become a Chat Hostess! You choose who you talk to and you can control the conversation. You don’t have to market yourself on outside websites or upsell conversation, just participate in our already active online community.

You are not at any time under any obligation to stay engaged in a chat session with a member or follow directives given by another user.

You can close a chat session at any time for any reason.

Discharge becomes abnormal if there are other symptoms with it or the colour and amount changes, for example, becoming chalky white with candida (thrush) or frothy yellow or green with trichomonaisis, a sexually transmitted infection.

Other causes of an increase in the amount of discharge include cervical polyps (a non serious growth on the cervix which can easily be removed), forgotten tampon, douching, allergic reaction for example to a spermicide, and rarely, a connection between the bladder or bowel and the vagina (a fistula).

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