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Jewish identity was maintained within these communities up to the present day.”Ostrer noted that Jews today can be designated according to where their forebears lived for many centuries as “Middle Eastern” (Mizrahi); Sephardi (originating in Spain and Portugal until the end of the 15th century); Ashkenazim, who moved from Italy and crossed the Alps and settled in the Rhineland and then other places in Europe; and North African Jews, who lived along the coast for over two millennia after being exiled after the destruction of the two Temples, mixed with surrounding populations. He found that eating (fava beans) and certain anti-malaria medications can cause terrible anemias in certain people due to G6PD deficiency caused by genes that are found in certain non-Ashkenazi Jews, Greeks and African Americans.This led to Sheba becoming “the original force behind the concept of ‘Jewish genetic disease.’” The work of the past four decades has provided a basis for Sheba’s observations that “Jews from different Diaspora groups had different disease susceptibilities.” Other researchers identified the higher rate of Neimann-Pick, Canavan’s and Gaucher’s diseases among Jews of specific origins.Also mentioned is the University of Washington’s superb geneticist Prof.Mary-Claire King, who studies the genetics and interaction of genetics and environmental influences on human conditions such and is known for three major achievements – identifying the BRCA1 mutation, showing that humans and chimpanzees are 99 percent genetically identical; and applying genomic sequencing to identify victims of human rights abuses.

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This genetic split seemed to have occurred about 2,500 years ago.Titled , the hardcover book was published by Oxford University Press.A Jewish medical geneticist at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Ostrer is also director of genetic and genomic laboratories at Montefiore Medical Center in New York.Ostrer said that his Jewish Hap Map Project in New York City has so far shown “in exquisite detail what had been conjectured for a century.Jewish populations from the major Jewish Diaspora groups – Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahi – form a distinctive population cluster that is closely related to Semitic and European populations.

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