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Great way for you to “get the most out of your makeover!”​​​​ You’ll see the option below to add the printed, bound workbook to your registration. ) and we will send them out each day during registration, to ensure it arrives to you quickly!If you add up all the trips to the supermarket, Costco or Sam’s, and the snack food you grab while at Target, you might be stunned to see that what you thought was a reasonable amount is literally busting your budget!

You can print them out on your own, and use them with the lessons.) But I know what you’re thinking. ) If we were shooting the breeze about all this around my kitchen table, here’s what I would say in response to your questions.

When you’re done with this program, you will confidently walk the aisles of your supermarket, knowing that you’re snagging THE BEST DEALS and getting all the things you need to make the MOST DELICIOUS MEALS at home!

The Grocery Budget Makeover will totally change the way you shop for groceries – you will spend less money in the store, AND less time in the planning and prep process!

It lasts for 5 weeks and you’ll get the following: I have compiled all the worksheets from the online class into the NEW Grocery Budget Makeover Workbook.

The workbook is a convenient way to keep all the worksheets (and your work and notes! The workbook lessons coordinate with the videos in the Grocery Budget Makeover!

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