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Participants in the Trinity program can become debt-free in just 3-5 years. Whether we’re helping people pay off their credit card bills and other unsecured debt, or offering assistance to those who are behind in their mortgage payments, Trinity has the knowledge and resources required to make a difference.

Some of our clients are shown alternatives to auto financing, or given help in re-structuring student loans.

One of our experienced, professionally certified Counsellors can walk you through all your options and help you find the right solution that will work best for you regardless of whether bad credit, maxed out credit cards or other issues have prevented you from getting a debt consolidation loan.

As a non-profit organization, all of our debt consolidation advice is objective and completely tailored to your financial situation and your priorities.

Of course, besides our multitude of educational avenues, we offer our debt management plans (dmps) for qualified candidates: repayment plans that enable our clients to pay off their unsecured debt often with the benefit of reduced interest, and eliminated late and over limit fees.

Our Counsellors can help you get started right away with a plan to: has been helping people consolidate their debt payments and learn how to manage their money better since 1996.

Our organization has helped hundreds of thousands of Canadians, and we have grown to become Canada's largest credit and debt counselling service with local Counsellors located in offices across much of Canada.

We accomplish this through educational programs, counseling, and personalized services.

We thus empower individuals to develop and use positive budgeting skills and effective spending behaviors, to use credit wisely, and to prevent, manage, and eliminate consumer debt.

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