Damon salvatore and elena gilbert dating dating antique wall clocks

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Jasper used to be part of the Cullen family, but was kicked out. Bella's has had several second chances, at family, life and now love. It followes the life of Duncan's daughter after a tragic event occurs. Now Jasper is married with children that the Cullents don't know about. All she can hope for is that her second chance at love is as successful as she wishes it to be. Clark only knows that his uncle works for the government... ABANDONED - UP FOR ADOPTION, PM me if you're interested. In Denver, while Kol is watching Jeremy at his brother's request an unlikely comradeship is formed. After everything Walter has faced while working as a government contractor, he encounters what might be the most difficult challenge of his life. L'arrivée de Remus et Tonks à Privet Drive va changer le reste de sa vie... Klaus drives his car towards some town in Ohio called Lima. She remembers what it was like without him as she listens to some music. Then Kol also meets Bella, and every rule is thrown out the window as the three bond in love and friendship. He finds a catatonic Paige in her apartment after receiving a call from Cabe that her car had been totaled during the night. Retour en 1976After the showdown at the boathouse, Killian is left on his own. He sees a car accident and before he knows it, he agrees to raise Rachel Barbara Berry as his own. Klaus/Veronica; Weevil/Rebekah; Lilly/Kol; REVIEW PLEASE! After being heartbroken by Edward, Bella decides to return back to her home. Where she has a twin brother and secrets that could get her into a lot of trouble.

(One chapter : one crossover, each published in their respective categories) First ones (Doctor Quinn and 2nd Gilmore Girls) are already up. Quinn Medicine Woman, Gilmore Girls, Pretender, Teen Wolf, Nine Lives of Chloe King, Grimm, Princess Sarah/小公女セーラ, Descendants, 2015, Girl Meets World, Flash, Night at the Museum, Smallville, Originals, Avalon High, Desperate Housewives, Revolution, Scorpion, Arrow, Lucifer, Vikings, and Supergirl. Things change and Puck realises his feelings for Rachel right after he kissed Shelby. Delena obviously and a little of Caroline/Klaus/Tyler Please Read and review! Harry a besoin d'aide pour ses légendaires cheveux en batailles...

He knows she's a Hexenbiest again but he just can't help himself. To cheer him up and get him back into the dating pool, and to have some fun with him, the men from his precinct sign him up for a charity bachelor auction. Sansa is washed ashore on a strange land, where people wear furs, fight fiercely and speak in a strange tongue. Frickin' Kattegat, home of Ragnar Lothbrook, that's where. Nothing can keep these two lovers from each other, not even a new identity.

He wants her, a one shot of episode 5x18 from last season, with one of my favorite scenes between Nick and Adalind. Set before, during and after Suicide Squad―"Oh, look at our little baby, Puddin', off to blow up the entire world." Her father was a formidable force, and her mother was a little less crazier than her father. Nick is surprised when Adalind Schade bids on him, and on how high the did goes. Their love story wasn't what was considered normal to others.

[-NOMINATED & 1ST PLACE WINNER FOR BEST DRAMA IN THE BURNING DIAMOND AWARDS-]While Kol is on the Other Side he develops an unlikely relationship with Isabella. He is not the same person she remembers from high school. It was a coping mechanism that worked not just in organizing his thoughts but also allows and outlet for his subconscious to be heard. There, she spends years running from the Lost Boys and Pan before meeting Captain Hook. Not going to be a long one but please give it a chance: read and review! Just a short one I've had in my head for a while... I added Nanny's POV, along with Elijah's and Katerina's. Will Candy find out why she's special and who her father is? Presence of Salvatore, Bennett's, Originals, Katherine, Elena...

Now, with Niklaus and Elijah's help, she may be the key to his return. After doing a random audit, he noticed a trend or pattern concerning Paige."You are a sick bastard. Hook takes the Lost Girl into his protection, eventually helping her return to her realm, where King David rewards the pirate with a title. It's a long drive to Storybrooke, after Hook restores Emma and Henry's memories. Bella is 6 when she tells Klaus he is like THE BEAST in her book. In New Moon, Bella goes to her grandmother's in Mystic Falls.

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