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The players featured on the photo are as follows: A wilson, R Mc Duff, W E Mc Kenzie, Bispham, E Nicholson, W Cunningham, P Long, W Harrison, G Tyler, H Kiernan (captain), A Asher, W doran, P Gerrard, J Laing, HD Thompson & R Mc Gregor.

The photo is framed & glazed in what we believe is an original frame dating from the period, the total size including the frame is 26" x 21" (68 x 53cm) Ref: D-R9-phnz-auckland.1902 - 250.00 We are selling the photograph collection of a private museum in Auckland, New Zealand.

Given that, a picnic in the park isn't going to fire us up—unless it's a ballpark and we're washing down bratwurst with Old Style in the bleachers at Wrigley Field.Συνδυάζουμε τις πληροφορίες που μας δίνετε για εσάς με τις πληροφορίες που μας έχουν δώσει εκατοντάδες χιλιάδες χρήστες ακόμα και σας βρίσκουμε το ιδανικό ταίρι!

Στο Perfect, υπερέχουμε καθώς σας βοηθούμε να βρείτε το ταίρι σας με ασφάλεια και ταχύτητα.:) Στο Perfect δεσμευόμαστε να παρέχουμε ασφαλές και φιλικό περιβάλλον όπου θα μπορείτε άνετα να κάνετε μία γνωριμία.:) Perfect Date – Για Γνωριμίες, Έρωτα, Αγάπη & Γάμο!

The collection comprises of over 150 team and squad photographs, mostly of All Black and Auckland teams.

The photographs were mostly acquired by the museum from former players and include many official team photographs.

Rugby in New Zealand - A great selection of All Black rugby memorabilia, collectables & gifts including, programmes, books, jerseys, autographs, photographs, postcards, badges, pins, ties, prints, tickets, etc, please scroll down the page to view items available and links to other pages with All Blacks memorabilia.

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