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After all that time telling me he wasn't ready for a relationship, he suddenly was in a few weeks, but not for me.

That destroyed my self-esteem for a while, but that happened two months ago and I've recovered from the shock.

I can only hear so many "I love yous" but see little actions to back them up.

I finally snapped and cut contact with him because he just couldn't act selflessly with me. I found out later that just a few weeks after I cut contact, he got a new girlfriend.

He dated her with the intention to try to fix her, because he can't face his own problems and needs to distract himself by working on someone else, who happens to have similar mental issues as him.

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It really hurt seeing him give more attention to everyone else than me, but after researching depression, now I understand that this is very common behavior for someone who's severely depressed. My ex also said that while we stayed friends for about a year.I sent that while knowing he may never return nor reply, which he didn't.It confirmed he was still sick as he's too ashamed to face me. I hope that when his mind clears up one day, he can read that and know that there was someone who's always on his side and understand what he's going through.This change of behaviour and pessimism about relationship and that need to heal by herself? suddenly she changed her behavior with me and she said she was thinking about us a long time.I don't know what I can expect from it and neither if we going to back together again (I hope so... Here the deal, she has depression and she wasn't take her pills for a while and didn't go to a therapy since we met.

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