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Fortunately, we live in the fast-paced, mobile age where you can meet anyone, anywhere, just by using your phone.

Most of us are quite seasoned in the online dating world.

These services allow their users to provide information about themselves in a short profile which is either stored in their phones as a dating ID or as a username on the mobile dating site.

They can then search for other IDs online or by calling a certain phone number dictated by the service.

Also, with most of the online dating sites having apps, just chatting on the apps works great too.

You can give a general idea about where you live (for example, you live in the city center).

You can give a general idea about where you work and what you do, but don’t be specific about which office building you’re in. It really depends how comfortable you are with the idea of a stranger having your number (and yes they are a stranger).

In fact, a recent study has shown that individuals are using dating apps more rapidly than any other kind of app available, including games, news and entertainment [source: Rao].

More than ever, today's dating services are relying on technology mixed with people's desire for instant gratification.

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