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The gist was this: Men who marry younger women seek to reclaim youth and evade death; want status among their peers and the occasional ego boost; might believe a younger woman to be, automatically, more docile; and are looking to propagate the species by spreading their seed.

Women who marry much older men are capitalizing on the only thing going for them, their looks; they’re gold diggers who seek financial stability in an older, more mature male; or have daddy issues.

There are evolutionary reasons for this, but psychologist Alice Eagly suggests women and men value things according to changing social roles; women, then, value in their mates that which society historically has withheld from them (i.e., power and money).

We’ve often heard that a wedding ring is an aphrodisiac, but this study goes further to suggest that women find coupled men more trustworthy, wealthy and humorous.Another reason lies in attraction: men of any age apparently find women in their early 20s most attractive. Women, on the other hand, find men in their age group most attractive.This data comes from OKCupid, a dating service I briefly used while flirting with singledom.” I asked a car full of in-laws in an attempt at early research.The answer from both my brother- and father-in-law was interesting, and basically the same: .

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