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It seemed like the article had a bunch of kiruv flashes of light to try and convince women not to be too smart, too passionate, or too open.It’s obvious that Aish is trying to be hip, modern, and sound like Cosmo.“No different to anyone’s relationship with their parents – Western or Chinese.It’s just bizarre, that someone who has lived out here for so long, has such prejudicial views.

It seems that the latest offensive article in the Jewish world was written by Aish and it has to do with turning off guys.2) Don’t assume the guy is going to pay: There is no bigger turn off than the old fashioned assumption that a man has to pay for everything.Even doing the half wallet pull, signaling your willingness to pay, is a good thing.They are clichés, of course, which is the Mail’s stock in trade, but even Aaron’s clichés are hopelessly out of date. There are people from all over the world here, of all ages, shapes and sizes. To suggest dating in Beijing is a dichotomy between “below-average [Western] men” and “traditional, overly effeminate” Chinese men is ridiculous.When Aaron says she is “either scraping the bottom of a metaphorical barrel of Western men, or dating local guys, with all the challenges that entail,” one has to wonder what kind of dives she is hanging out in.

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