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The television program loosely follows the storyline of the comic book.The franchise has also spawned multiple additional media properties, including video games (such as The Walking Dead video game), a companion television series (Fear the Walking Dead), webisode series (The Walking Dead: Torn Apart, The Walking Dead: Cold Storage, and The Walking Dead: The Oath), and various additional publications, including novels (The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor). The Walking Dead debuted in 2003, published by Image Comics, with art by Tony Moore for the first six issues and Cliff Rathburn shading the art after issue five.The group eventually finds shelter at a small farm after Carl is shot.The farm's owner, Hershel Greene and his family, are in denial about the walkers' nature and have been storing deceased loved ones and neighbors in their barn.Rick, Glenn, and Michonne manage to escape from Woodbury with the help of others from the town. They arrive back at the prison safely, but find that hordes of zombies have broken in. Rick informs the prison's residents of what took place in Woodbury and tells them to prepare for battle.Life at the prison continues in what passes for normal in this apocalyptic world. Several residents search for supplies and engage in a shootout with men from Woodbury. Dale is out on a mission siphoning gas when he is bitten in the leg. Carol commits suicide by allowing a zombie to bite her.They find a small town called Woodbury, where a large, well-armed and organized group of survivors has taken refuge. The Governor captures Rick's group and interrogates them.He mutilates Rick by cutting off his right hand and rapes and tortures Michonne.

The series was adapted into the AMC television series The Walking Dead, which premiered in 2010.Following the attack, Shane Walsh, Rick's friend and former police partner, tries to murder Rick because he's become obsessed with Rick's wife Lori. The group meets Tyreese, his daughter and her boyfriend.Everyone takes shelter at Wiltshire Estates, a gated community, but are forced to leave when they stumble upon its zombie infestation.They meet some surviving inmates when they break into the prison's cafeteria.Rick invites Hershel and his family to come live in the prison and they accept.

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