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I think that many of them start to hold men up to unfair criteria and don't respond because they don't pass the test of age or looks.Some of these same women that do this are here in the forums lamenting about how there are no more good men on POF but yet will not make the effort to get to know them to make a real informed decision about how good they are.i was born with a club foot and a double cleft palate.it's something that would honestly come up while considering having children.but has no berring on my ability to have a healthy sexual relationship with someone.No I was just curious if if a guy wuold see a woman/man is disabled if they might think the guy might have problems in bed. In my profile I put that I've got a slight case of CP and I keep getting read/deleted messages so I thought maybe its something that a woman might think about. I wouldn't want to post that in my profile cause this is a dating site, not a site for women looking for fertility.I know for a fact that his is not a genetic disability.. As well not all disabilities mean a person is unable to have sex.so the thought of it being passed on is not really there. Pfffftttt no wonder women get the impression men only think about sexi honestly put that i am disabled on my profile.

I think it very well may be different for younger women in their child-bearing years.

If you are offended by sexually explicit emails block the sender and report them. I read a post on another thread where a young woman discribed over forty men as all balding, fat, gray and out of shape (her discription was much more detailed and long on faults but for the sake of brevity this is the main points).

This is not true of most of us I think but yet women seem to get that impression while on here.

I would hope that child bearing would be the last thing a woman thinks about when viewing profiles. I have a disability too, but I did not put it in my profile...

hmmm, maybe I should, guys would wanna know what hanging out with a deaf girl is like?? Kudos to you for being open and honet about it, and if "the right one" swims along, she will not be put off by it.

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