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The name "tank suit" is also supposed to be derived from the term "swimming tank", an obsolete term for what is now called a swimming pool.

It is a bikini bottom with a stringed halter of two triangular pieces of cloth covering the breasts.

Made from neoprene, they come in different thicknesses and styles depending on the user's interests.

Wetsuits keep the wearer warm by trapping a thin layer of water close to the skin which heats up due to body temperature.

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Although in a style that today appears similar to underwear briefs, it is likely that the swimwear preceded the underwear, A nylon version (without the belt), pictured at left, was launched at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics by Speedo.

A recent innovation is the burqini, favored by some Muslim women, which covers the whole body and head (but not face) in a manner similar to a diver's wetsuit.

These are an updated version of full-body swimwear, which has been available for centuries, but conforms with Islam's traditional emphasis on modest dress.

Swimwear is clothing designed to be worn by people engaging in a water-based activity or water sports, such as swimming, diving and surfing, or sun-orientated activities, such as sun bathing.

Different types may be worn by men, women, and children.

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