Epolicy orchestrator global updating

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Once the NSX Manager appliance is deployed and powered on open a web browser to the specified IP address, log in with the admin account, if you didn’t change the password during deployment the default password is default.Click Manage v Center Registration, under v Center Server click Edit.Download the NSX Manager OVA file from the Download VMware NSX for v Sphere page.

Each role provides a description of the level of access, for more information on NSX permissions click here.Upon registration a plug-in is injected into the v Sphere web client to enable deployment and management of logical networks and services.Service deployments consisting of the Guest Introspection and Mc Afee MOVE ESX Agents are deployed to v Sphere clusters; when a host is added to the cluster the configured services are automatically deployed.Policies are applied to objects such as clusters belonging to an NSX security group, this ensures all virtual machines and hosts are instantly protected.The Mc Afee e PO integration also allows for management of Service Virtual Machines and reports.

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