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For this is the first time they have visited the spot where their first child, an unnamed stillborn baby girl, has been buried since the spring of 1963.Since that terrible day when her tiny, lifeless form was bundled up and rushed from the delivery room, Marjorie and Alex have never known what became of her body.

On advice from officials, Louise contacted her local authority, who told her which cemetery the baby was in.

She discovered that it was possible to obtain a birth certificate from the General Register office in Southport, stating the baby’s date of birth, mother’s name, father’s name and the name of the person who certified the stillbirth.

Stillbirths have been registered since the 1926 Births And Deaths Registration Act, and today, the certificates are often vitally important in helping parents coming to terms with their loss.

‘I was young and clueless and in total shock, but I felt quite sure that I wanted to hold her.

But the Senior Sister said very firmly: “I would advise you against it.” And you just didn’t argue with authority in those days.’She was told only that the baby was a girl, weighing 7lb and 3oz, and would be buried at the foot of someone else’s grave.‘The attitude was that because the baby had never breathed, it was nothing — “Get over it.

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