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I once had a young woman tell me before anything happened..."I like to be REALLY used." Of course the way she said it I got the point. You are already thinking he's possibly too conventional for you without knowing his preferences. Just be yourself unless your "extreme" causes might want to discuss it first.

I was planning to somewhat ease into it anyway so it was not an issue. How critical to the relationship is this kinky sex?

The question is, when do I tell him I like really freaky sex?

Not your ordinary routine stuff, but pretty much more extreme stuff.

A lot of it depends on what the relationship goals are, and how much of a deal breaker it is for you.

If this is something you'd like to be long term and you feel that a non traditional love life is something you have to have it's probably worth at least broaching the subject, not necessarily specifics but let him know that the subject is important to you and you'd like to talk about it as you get to know each other better.

So, I've finally met someone and we haven't had sex yet but I know he wants to and I certainly want to but we've agreed to hold off until we know each other a little better.

That said, I think you want to start discussing it, along with sexuality in general, fairly early. You'll find the folks there friendly, supportive, and not evangelistic about their lifestyle. Talk about it before hand,you don't know what he is into until you ask.

If he claims he has never tried certain things,ask if he is willing to be open minded about it.

If its something thats a part of you and that you need to have in the future then i think you should slowly ease the other person into it.

But if it doesnt seem like your cup of tea, i do suggest that you find someone else that is into it.

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