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New insights from computer science and applied math led to new technologies and groundbreaking work in tomography, genomics and proteomics.From mechanical engineering comes robotics used in surgery.The lack of light, damaged vegetation and overall poor conditions left species scrambling to adapt.Ninety percent of the Earth's 15,000 species became extinct in the aftermath, including many shellfish, as well as trilobites - a cockroach-like creature that once canvassed the planet.Experts know where the big asteroids are, said Chris Chyba of Stanford University, and people would have plenty of notice even if a smaller one was targeted for Earth."We would almost have decades, if not centuries, to go before that impact would happen," Chyba said.AS Congress works through the federal budget, the nation should thank Texas Sens. They are among the leaders in seeking to improve Americans' health by increasing funding for the National Science Foundation.

From chemistry sprang fullerenes, first discovered at Rice in 1985, and a host of pharmaceuticals.The National Science Foundation doesn't have anything to do with health and medicine, does it? Everyone knows that major revolutions in biomedicine are well under way.However, it is not widely understood -- especially among decision-makers allocating research funds to NIH and NSF -- that many of society's stunning advances in biomedicine stem from path-breaking discoveries in physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering, and from innovations in information science.A third form of pure carbon after diamonds and graphite, so-called buckyballs are composed of carbon atoms that have bonded together into hollow, geodesic "cages." They possess unusual properties that researchers hope to exploit in everything from superconductors to superlubricants to microscopic "nanotubes." Robert Curl, Harold Kroto and Richard Smalley, who first produced fullerenes in the laboratory, shared the 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work.Since then scientists have discovered naturally existing fullerenes. releases an amount of energy that is basically about one million times the largest earthquake recorded during the last century," Podera said.

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