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Provided you offer a way to mediate any disputes, and ensure that trades are fair and backed by guarantee, a skill trading site could be big business!

Where the money is: Charge monthly fees, or a smaller fee per swap request.

A market-leading web concierge service could be big business.

Young entrepreneurs are making startling amounts of money with simple ideas that connect people and places. The dream is a simple one: with careful planning and some spare time, someone just like you can take a smart concept, add some glitz and make a fortune. Why are we seeing spin-offs, rip-offs and mash-ups instead of great new concepts? Wouldn’t it be great if people could find work for you?

The mini pitch: “Buy and sell work online.” What it is: You know all those job boards you see littered around the web? How it works: Designers, developers, writers, and anyone else wanting work can post their request, together with the percentage or fixed fee they’d pay to someone providing a lead.

Bids are live and backed by escrow, and when the top item’s been sold, the ones below float upwards and a new item becomes active and open to bids.

Why it’s hot: As a seller, it’s becoming increasingly complicated to list things online, generate buzz, and make a quick sale.

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