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i had a dream and my crush walked up to me and hugged me and kissed me in the cheek.he saiid somethinq dhat i cant recall, but i think he said he didnt want people to see us.…if i had a dream like yours, i would think that it is a present or near present tense dream- it is how i feel on some level…however, what i think, what i am comfortable or uncomfortable with, and what i do are often three different things…

There will be a number of creative responses to this one . I am more concerned with the part that you appear to be dismissing (that he didn’t want anyone to see us).

If you dream of your crush frequently, then your dream maybe be telling you that it is time to let this person know how you feel, especially if you are dreaming of him or her in a good way.

Only good things can happen from you telling your crush.

Most of the dreams where he appears also feature other people I know and go to school with.

I can think of maybe 3 or 4 where it was just he and I alone.

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