I am dating a recovering alcoholic

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He said that he was in an unhappy relationship with someone for over three years and had been drinking, one night he hit rock bottom and slept with someone else. His relationship ended and he decided to get help through AA. AA asked him kindly to stop sharing stories with the rest of the group because they did not agree with him working in a bar. He doesn’t have to be a terrible person or to have done something wrong for you to make this decision. Him: “” Then, disengage a bit and see what he comes up with.The early stages of dating are for figuring out stuff like “” without assigning blame or looking for incontrovertible proof that he sucks. If he invites you to the suburbs, go and see where he hangs out, who his friends are, etc.

Stop doing the work, end the relationship, and look for someone more compatible with you. If you choose Option B, I would suggest not planning the next couple of dates.

AA is a wonderful organization but it isn’t for everyone.

The material presented here is not Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature.

He stares at me a lot when we are together and it makes me feel uncomfortable, like he is waiting to kiss me instead of enjoying time hanging out together.

We already had a talk about where things are going, and I told him his nervousness was making me feel uncomfortable and I wanted him to relax.

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