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She initially dated Stefan and had a rocky relationship with Damon as she was nervous, assuming he was a killer.Over time, she became Damon's first friend and began to bring out his emotions.Stefan supported her choice to turn her back on Damon following this and kissed Stefan in front of him. Eventually, they returned to an unsteady friendship and after spending a day with Elena, Damon confessed to Andie that he wanted to be the bigger man for her, but also wanted to be himself.He began an affair with Andie to take his mind off Elena.Elena and Damon grew closer when Stefan fell into Klaus's clutches and she eventually fell in love with him, too. Following her transformation into a vampires, she remembered the memories Damon made her forget and grew tired of Stefan's desire to "fix" her instead of accepting her.Enjoying how Damon made her feel alive, her relationship with Stefan ended and she began a relationship with Damon.Both Stefan and Damon offered to be sacrificed in Klaus's ritual to save Elena's aunt, Jenna, and save Elena from more heartbreak.

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They learned from Katherine that Klaus had taken Stefan away. He got her to confess her feelings for him first, however, and told her to remember how she felt when Stefan does return.

Similar to how both Stefan and Damon were in love with Katherine, they later both fell in love with Elena.

Unlike Katherine, she did not enjoy both of their love for her.

Damon doubted her feelings for him when it was discovered she was sired to him so had to please him.

After Elena lost her humanity, she taunted Damon, threatening to go back to Stefan since the sire bond was gone.

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