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It does not matter what type or relationship you are seeking as we have members seeking romance, love, soulmate, marriage, casual encounters and friendship so choosing a like minded individual is a simple click away.

By adding your free online dating profile to you are immediately presented with others who are within your radius.

We are all about the quick fixes, the “add water and shake” instant relationships and have forgotten that real connection take real time.

Just because your best friend’s sister got engaged after only six months of dating someone doesn’t mean that you are doomed to become the crazy cat lady because your boyfriend of three years has not yet proposed or you are 35 (insert any age here) and not yet married.

There is much to be learned and enjoyed from just spending time with another. My husband and I have been in each other’s lives for 10 years.

We have been living together for 8 of those years and married for nearly 7 of them. That sometimes, the best things come to those who wait, and nurture them.

Each recipe—and likewise, each relationship—is a wonderful marriage of many ingredients that sometimes must be handled delicately.

Yet I witness first hand through my role as an intuitive relationship coach, those who want to know when the relationship will evolve to the next level.

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