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This entry is arranged according to the following outline:introductionchildren's literature in hebrew Early Period biblical period (until 200 b.c.e.) mishnaic-talmudic period medieval period Modern Period europe ereẒ israel and the state of israel in the united stateschildren's literature in yiddish In Europe In the United Stateschildren's literature in ladino In the 20 Centuryholocaust literaturechildren's literature in english and other languages English great britain united states of america later trends Other Languages french german italian and dutch romanian hungarian russian polish czech and serbo-croatian in latin america The term children's literature in this article is applied to different types of literary works.Up to the end of the 18 century it refers to literature whose style and treatment of content is also suitable for a young readership (age group 4–14 approx.); in the modern period it denotes works written specifically for children and compositions by children whose subject matter and theme do not necessarily fall into the adolescent category, for example, some of the Holocaust literature by children.They were not specifically for children and rarely contained material that had literary value.Petaḥ Sefat Ever li-Yladim, by Abraham *Cohen (Vienna, 1745), was an exception; it includes parables and short legends.It is a history characterized by strong ideological inclinations as well as delayed developments, until Israeli children's literature was structured similarly to the European systems which it sought to emulate from its outset.

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During the mishnaic-talmudic period the scope of education was enlarged and schools were established.Readers can check whether a quotation has been included by consulting the online edition of the , provided they, their public library, or their institution, subscribe to the service.The revision is a huge task, and in order to meet tough deadlines Oxford regrets that it cannot enter into correspondence about individual submissions.Side by side with this written literature, there existed an oral children's tradition: stories told by inspired teachers, mothers, and grandmothers, and the lullabies they sang.Some of these were eventually printed.[Uriel Ofek]The history of European Jewish-Hebrew and Hebrew literature, which dates back to 1779, as well as the history of Ereẓ-Israeli and Israeli Hebrew children's literature, is the history of an ideologically oriented attempt to build a new literary system and simultaneously generate the field of its consumers and producers.

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