Internet dating stigma

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Others may be skeptical of the credibility of the matching algorithms, leaving users disappointed before they’ve even given it a chance.

Although Pew Research Center’s ongoing study of online dating shows that this popular dating option is losing some of its stigma, there are still a lot of people who believe it’s not the most honorable way to meet someone.

The pitfalls But online love has its pitfalls, Reis cautions.

Comparing dozens and sometimes hundreds of possible dates may encourage a “shopping” mentality in which people become judgmental and picky, focusing exclusively on a narrow set of criteria like attractiveness or interests.

To help prove the critics wrong, we’ve listed a handful of the misconceptions associated with online dating and broken down why they do not hold true.

These days, there are dating services, such as e Harmony and Ok Cupid, that offer thorough personality tests and opportunities for users to display their true selves on their profile — allowing for legitimate connections between those whose personalities match or complement one another.

It was once believed that online dating was only used by those who were in desperate need of a date — the last resort before completely throwing in the towel.

Still, horror stories about casual encounters on Craigslist and individuals misrepresenting themselves on dating profiles make the stigma of online dating difficult to shake.

Moreover, many people still view the predilection for online dating as a sign of social ineptitude.

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