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They share such stunning love." Nicholson's longest love was Huston, 63, the star of the Addams Family series.She met Nicholson in 1973 at a party at his house in Los Angeles and has said that she fell in love at first sight.Of course the difference here is that Jack just turned 75 on Sunday while Leo is half that age.That being said, it’s still a rather impressive list.Miss Knight told Closer: "We had a very beautiful, sweet marriage. The real Jack is a loving, caring, giving person." Miss Knight added that Nicholson "was a doting dad, the sweetest father" who adores his children and especially his grandchildren."I could see Jack was going to become a big star and have lots of temptations. Nicholson said: "They write an essay or a poem and your heart is in your throat.Jack’s first foray into England (he also likes British-born women) was with this actress who spent most of her career in America and Australia and is best known here for her role on in December 1989.(Age difference: 27 years.) Back to America with yet another famous model. (Age difference: 16 years.) The woman who was the final nail in the coffin for Jack and Anjelica’s relationship.

This week we continue our series with a man who has allegedly hooked up with at least as many famous women as Leo: Jack Nicholson.

Broke up permanently when knocked up another woman.

Neither of these women were with Jack very long, especially since Allen said she was with him for “a little more than a nanosecond.” Yes, this is the former Canadian First Lady, the wife of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and yes this is while she was married to him. (Age difference: 12 years.) Buell and Dickinson were big time models at the time (Jack likes models), and yes, Christina was the daughter of Aristotle Onassis, Jackie Kennedy’s husband.

We don't always do the right thing, say the right thing and behave the way we always want to behave." Nicholson's routine these days involves sleeping until 1pm and then having a glass of milk to soothe his stomach.

He plays golf, takes a nap or pops next door to the house his friend Marlon Brando used to own in Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles.

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