Juggalo and juggalette dating

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While I don’t begrudge the ICP performers for having nicknames (it’s all part of the show) we should agree that just the kiddy fans should keep the flashy monikers.

As with most testosterone based music women are not only secondary citizens but also interchangeable window dressing.

It’s a long scaly beast with a spiked tail that has an irritated twitch to it, especially when a fresh kill is near.

The face of the beast is round and flabby covered with clown paint and locked in a permanent insidious smile.

These are the children of video games, DVDs, Internet access and the mall.

The American way of life has raised these children and now, with the beast behind them, they have come back to roost.

Giant earrings, bad tattoos, silly hairstyles and a lame attempt at another “language” are all the ICP servant is given for his years of faithful service.

I would just ask that before you send in your proof of purchase seals to buy the ICP Brass Knuckle Set with which to beat me senseless.The only emotion I can feel is fear, fear that the future is upon us, and it’s called Juggalo (Jug-a-Low).For those uninitiated or just lucky enough to have avoided the whole unpleasant incident altogether a Juggalo is a devout follower of the Insane Clown Posse a band so devoid of talent it’s almost shocking to the system.The eye sockets are deep and covered with red veins, the eyes themselves simply giant dollar signs.The worst part of the beast is the sound it makes, a clumsy and desperate call to arms for those who feel they’ve fallen far below the radar.

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