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I often get asked, "Will running hurt my weightlifting or is running good for my weightlifting?" The answer is, "That depends." Many factors come into play for weightlifters who want to run: previous running experience, distance, speed, frequency, intensity, timing with your weightlifting workout, and finally, your goals.The other factors of running that might influence your lifting are the volume and intensity of your running.Sprints can be more stressful than jogging and long distances are more depleting than both.The first issue to be addressed is how long has it been since you did a serious, regular running program?If it has been several months or years, then yes, running will adversely affect your lifting.This might take two to six weeks, depending on your age and level of fitness.

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Your lifting will suffer some in the beginning, but once your training has adapted to the running, your strength and power will return.

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The city of Akure, Ondo State would on February 27 come alive with the game of weightlifting courtesy of the South West zone of Nigeria Weightlifting Federation (NWF).

Something that I learned many years ago through my own experiences, and those of the many athletes I’ve coached over the past four decades, is how running and weightlifting use the low back muscles differently.

In weightlifting we use both sides of our low back (erector spinae / spinal erectors) muscles simultaneously, but in running they contract and stretch alternately; the result is low back soreness when you first start running.

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