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With the spread of the city, Lake Hylia has been covered and the numbers of the Zora are dwindling.

They can only survive in the sewers of Castle Town, and in the homes of the upper class. The monarchy is still intact, but they are now only figureheads.

And by 'hack', I mean 'use other people's programs and a pre-modded battery to install custom firmware on'.

It's awesome, now I have a PSX emulator, a SNES emulator and a GBA emulator on my PSP, with a bunch of games. So I'm currently halfway through my NCEA level 3 and New Zealand scholarship exams.

Gorons are treated as second class citizens, forced to do hard labour in the lowermost reaches of Castle Town and in Death Mountain.

Death Mountain is now a towering factory, its smog staining the Hylian sky a murky brown.

As my tastes became more sophisticated over the years so did my desire for aberration, yet the genre as a whole remained intransigent in its reluctance to accommodate for evolution.

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Despite an insipid and long-winded beginning, the game digs its mighty talons in through its unique blend of quirky gameplay and indecipherable Japanese pop/rap, and like a Fuck Buttons song the game's story becomes more and more interesting as it goes along until finally it culminates in an amazing ending.

Naturally with my amazing intellect I possess I delighted in the slow, strategic mechanics of a turn based battle system upon first inserting the disc of Final Fantasy VII.

I will take this opportunity to promise a diatribe fulmination upon any unwitting readers who project their animosity towards this stalwart shining beacon of majesty amongst rotting carrion.

Whilst wearing the blinders of my jaded view of the "modern" RPG, I neglected to become cognisant of another series creeping into the public view like the second coming of a paraplegic Christ; Shin Megami Tensei.

Upon the recommendation of an acquaintance, I decided to look into this curious statuette in an otherwise humdrum series of endless Mickey Mouse models.

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