Nuclear dating methods

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Low-intensity warfare sets as its ultimate objective the collapse of the North Korean government.

Significantly, there are no foreign troops stationed in North Korea, but are in South Korea.North Korean troops have never fought abroad, but South Korea’s have, odiously in Vietnam, in return for infusions of mercenary lucre from the Americans, and later in Iraq.As regards repression, South Korea’s authoritarianism on behalf of rightist causes is long and enduring, typified in the virulently anti-communist National Security Law, which metes out harsh punishment to anyone who so much as publicly utters a kind word about North Korea.Since a North Korean first-strike would be suicidal (and this is not lost on the North Korean leadership), whether Pyongyang has or doesn’t have nuclear weapons makes little difference to US national security.What, then, would motivate Washington to offer genuine security guarantees?

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