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Special preserves of fern, some more highly sesteemed than others, were carfully conserved by all tribes.

Bundles of rhizomes were collected and thoroughly pounded with a wooden pounder (patu aruhe) on a stone base.

The last great phase in the introduction of new culture evidence were the adventurous voyages southward...about A. These were the kumara..taro..uhi or yham..the hue or gourd....

Most esteemed was the kumara which once grew as far sought as Kaiapoi in the South Island.

Cultivated foods came under the rulership of the god Rongo whos emblem was placed in fields with the growing crops...

The line works on a reciprocal fashion, winding itself up to the limit and unwinding in regular fashion.

New Zealand rivers are remarkable for their large eels...

Smaller seasonal fishes were much esteemed...whitebait..grayling... But eels were a main and never-failing source of food and were muc in demand, being preserved by sun drying for future consumption.

As the wood burnt, the stones became heated and gradually sank into the oven cavity.

Embers were raked aside and the stones levelled out, some being put aside for placing on top of the food when it was arranged in the pit.

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