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And from there you can do anything from catch a fish with a fishing rod (that you made) on a stove (which you also made) to making pets of the wandering wild animals.

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If you’ve seen all those amazing You Tube sculptures of the Starship Enterprise or New York City this is the mode they were created in.But working out what everything can be used for is a primary appeal and the help system almost ruins it at times by giving too much away.But the balance is just about maintained and although the inventory and crafting interface is a fudge – the cursor is fiddly and you no longer manually lay out materials to be crafted – it’s nothing to really complain about.So if you want to recreate Minas Tirith or Bikini Bottom in Minecraft form then the only limits are your imagination… The latter can’t be understated as, even building the most mundane structure takes a considerable amount of time and patience.That’s why it’s so rewarding, but you do need to keep your expectations in check and realise that a lot of the game involves some very mundane donkey work.

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