Ps3 shared folders not updating

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After this you can now disconnect the controller and press the Home button to initiate the wireless connection.For asian copies of the PS3 Dual Shock 3 (such as GASIA or SHANWAN), you will need to adust some settings.

Copy it, for example to a folder on the desktop named "Minecraft Backups".

For more information see the peripheral compatibility list Note: By default the PS3 controller is selected in the config.

If you are using other controllers it may be necessary to de-select the PS3 controller, select the controller you are using, save the config & reboot. As of 4.0.0, the internal bluetooth device is not supported by recalbox for connecting to PS3 controllers wirelessly.

Since 4.1, the Xbox configuration doesn't require you to enable any specific driver.

It works just out of the box and can even be used along with Dual Shock pads (which was not the case in 4.0).

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