Riley keough dating alex pettyfer

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She says that caffeine can trigger a hyperkinetic neurosis that once landed her in the ER, but I'm coming from New York, and she strikes me as easygoing, even playful.At one point she picks up my notes and sees my list of her tabloid-reported past romances (Ryan Cabrera, Robert Pattinson, Nicholas Hoult, Alex Pettyfer).PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Riley Keough “The most beautiful person I know ….” Alex wrote as the caption.When I meet Riley Keough, it's the day after Elvis Presley's 80th birthday.Few people in Hollywood, or anywhere else, have had a better view of the perils of celebrity—including, most infamously, her mother's two-year marriage to Michael Jackson, which began when Keough was five.

"In major studio scripts the girls are very similar. "I'm more of an oddball." Still, it's not as if indie directors are immune to typecasting. " she asks, somewhat rhetorically, having played one or the other four times in her 14-picture career.

Despite her lineage—or maybe because of it—the 25-year-old model turned actress is what I'd call low-maintenance.

She arrives 10 minutes early (despite Golden Globes gridlock), has no special requests, and is dressed to underwhelm in jeans, a green hunting sweater, and Timberland boots.

She didn't bother telling anyone there about her connection to the place.

Keough is on her second soy latte and worried about excessive chattiness.

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