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Navalny suggests that the Manafort, Deripaska, Prikhodko connection is the centerpiece of Trump campaign collusion with the Kremlin.But Navalny’s tongue-in-cheek delivery does not strengthen his case.Navalny gave it the title: “Yachts, Oligarchs, Girls: A Huntress for Men Exposes a Bribe-Taker.”Over the course of 25 minutes, he tells of a group of scantily clad women sent to “attack” his headquarters, apparently to embarrass him.Instead, he chose to be amused, and to find out more about them. One of their recent antics: protesting nude in front of the U. embassy, bodies bared to freezing cold as they presented banners saying “I Love You Harvey” and “Weinstein Is a Real Man.” (One wonders, naturally, if this group or one like it was ever invited to the presidential suite at the Ritz to urinate on the bed where Michelle and Barack Obama had slept—but Navalny’s investigation doesn’t go there.)Navalny’s team focused on one of those women particularly: Nastya Rybka.Posing in swimsuits by a pool in Dubai, moving her freakishly big lips (her Instagrams show her features have grown increasingly feline over the last couple of years), Rybka boasts about having seduced at least six billionaires, and about being in a relationship with Deripaska for at least a year. Rybka’s book last year, which Navalny quotes extensively, changed some names and locations, but not much else, it seems, about her time with Deripaska and Prikhodko.And a video she posted to promote the book on Instagram, which includes the audio about Nuland, leaves little doubt about the connections.As seen in his You Tube presentation, she posted an Instagram video threatening, if that is the word: “Alex, one of us will find you and f*** you and post the video of it on the internet. Her photographs of Deripaska and Prikhodko on Deripaska’s yacht sailing around Norway in the summer of 2016 were verified in detail by Navalny’s team, as shown in his video.Because of you and those like you, people keep fighting wars now.”The Kremlin immediately made a decision to ban Navalny’s video, claiming it contained classified secret information; and Deripaska filed a complaint in court against Nastya Rybka for leaking videos and recordings from his private yacht. So is the audio recording of an alleged conversation including Prikhodko and Deripaska talking in front of Rybka about relations with the United States.

Every day, Deripaska’s supposed seducer adds more details about her colorful career.

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