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The idealisation of celebrities is a form of social dysmorphia; no one can live up to the expectations placed on a celebrity, but many celebrities fall into the trap of responding to the expectation.That’s the social dysmorphia trap: intense expectations are placed on someone by someone else, and the person with the expectations placed on them is moulded by them into something they don’t really want to be.except these days you’ll probably get tracked down on Twitter. If you can become familiar with what the process of social dysmorphia feels like, and if you can gain a good awareness of the needs in you that serve as hooks for pulling you into those alien feelings and responses, then you can at least see it coming. You can choose to not respond in the ways you feel driven to respond in.The only way to then break the spell is to draw attention to it and (here’s the killer bit) hope everyone’s willing to let go of the co-created illusion.Projective identification has been a problematic concept because it involves the idea of one person (the client) putting disowned emotions into another person (the therapist) such that the therapist is then ‘forced’ by the client to feel something that isn’t theirs.Understandably, psychotherapy has reacted against this psychoanalytic concept because it sets up an easy exit for therapist responsibility: my client made me do it.The point is, when a person or group of persons have constructed a strong idea of who and what you are, they will project that idea onto you the moment they meet you (hence ‘projective’).

This isn’t a purely cosmetic exercise, but a cosmetic rehabilitation exercise.Projection is a modification to contact, meaning it’s a way of avoiding being in true contact with another person.Someone with strongly held racial prejudices will project a hostile image onto anyone fitting their idea of that race.Considering the phenomenon the concept is meant to describe, there is a great irony for me in the contention that surrounds it.This contention, I contend, is actually a case in point.

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