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But a recent Reddit AMA with an unnamed phone-sex operator reveals that, unless you truly love what you do, this job is not as rewarding as you'd hope. Honestly, my day job is in a call center, so it's not really that different.

The 25-year-old mother and wife writes that she holds an office job by day and works from home as a dispatch phone-sex operator by night. I did some searching online for phone-sex operator (PSO) companies. I got a call a few weeks later, had a phone interview, and they got me set up to start working the next night. As she gets older, if I'm still doing it, I'll explain more to her. I plan on doing it as long as it's still fun and I'm making money.

Wij zijn per direct op zoek naar chat operators voor enkele goedlopende mail en SMS chats.

Goal use a safe and fun area for like-minded adults to get a little fun collectively.

Wanted: PSOs Which Earn 100% in the Money they generate!! We’re so we bring something exciting and a novice to the table in terms of phone chat operators.

We might make use of the word recruiting or hiring but that’s strictly not the case.

In addition we would like you to halt hanging to those companies taking big chunks of the earnings by you or hold that you ridiculous hours and shifts. We don’t take all of your earnings, we don’t ask a single penny within you whenever you register, making a free account is completely free, same with making a profile, chatting to potential clients, adding photos/videos, adding what services you are offering and what payment types or wish lists you offer.

We cannot limit one to specific topics or varieties of services, we can’t show you what rates setting.

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