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Prices of the most usual fees charged by the registration service are below.Other fees may apply in special circumstances, such as where one person is housebound, detained or seriously ill. You can buy a copy certificate using our online service.People around the North Yorkshire town rated their level of happiness as 8.3 out of ten – well above the national average of 7.5 in an Office for National Statistics survey. Broadly, the West Country and the Home Counties were among the happiest areas of the country, while parts of South Wales and the North East were among the least happy.

The fee will be waived for members of the armed forces who are unable to attend a group ceremony.

They are payable in advance when notice is given and no later than three months before the ceremony.

Fees are determined based on where and when your ceremony is held.

We cannot accept personal cheques or American Express.

A short birth certificate shows your baby's name, sex and date of birth.

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