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Sometimes the next morning a friend will say: 'What did I do last night? You tripped over a fence and you kissed wotsisname,' but she won't remember any of it.

' My mum buys my clothes and she's pretty cool about it.

Sometimes I'm the only sober one - although I might drink a bit if Mum was OK with it.

I'm not against drinking exactly, but I just think there's time for me to enjoy it later.

He dumped me a few days ago, saying we didn't see each other enough.

It was a serious relationship - a year is a really long time when you're my age - but we'd only ever kissed. I was really upset when it was over, because I still think he's really nice.

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    On the whole however they are content to whip up large hearty meals and preside over the dinner table with old family tales.

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