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Then he confessed he had always fantasised about being with an older woman.Since I was not looking to fulfill someone's fantasy, that was the end of that,” she shrugs. “One day, I was on the site and a chap (his profile said he was a businessman), messaged me asking: “At your age, can you still have children? Supriya is realistic about her expectations from the apps. On the whole, the men I've chatted with so far have been upfront [one even admitted he was still married though in the process of getting a divorce].And finding The One gets progressively worse as you grow older.Then it's not about dating apps, swipe left/right or random hookups. (*names changed on request) Divya Sreedharan is married. I had to gently tell her there was nothing I could do. But we were told there was something to be considered first. Turned out, R wanted someone younger, a woman in the 35-36 age group, to be more exact. “He is very keen on having children,” my friend was told.Aparna and her family have tried matrimonial sites as well as informal word-of-mouth match-making. So his family, who is in the process of “looking out” for him, felt that a woman over 40 was simply “too old” for their eligible bachelor.“But even if I wasn't and even if it (the relationship) doesn't work out, I don't plan on using the apps. And unfortunately, older men are deemed more eligible than older women. “Given that he is rich, reasonably good-looking, well-read... Trust me, there are many 30-plus women — or younger — ready to land such a catch,” she points out, wryly.

He is also skeptical and wary of contacting women online. And personally, when I am lonely, I'd rather travel and pursue some hobby, instead,” he tells me.

Does this mean that even in an era of mushrooming dating apps, elite matrimonial websites, and singles-only networks, when it comes to marriage or “settling down” as we so quaintly term it, age matters? To find out, I asked some random friends and their friends — single, eligible men and women in the 29 to 40-plus age group.

Many did not want to reveal their real names for various personal reasons. Given that we live in an age of multiple dating apps — Truly, Ok Cupid, Woo, Thrill, Tinder, — you'd be right in assuming that people of all ages (especially in the metros) do use the apps.

A couple of months ago, Aparna, a friend of mine, called me up. Aparna is an extremely attractive, well-groomed divorcee in her late 30s. So, with the best of intentions, I suggested that she try out a popular singles network in Bangalore. So, her call was to beg me to use my “influence” (as a media professional) and get her in, somehow. These two successful, sophisticated individuals seemed perfect for each other, or so we thought.

“They told me I was too old to be an eligible single,” she recalls. Recently, another friend of mine tried to do some match-making — she wanted P, a 40-year-old corporate honcho of my acquaintance to meet R, a 45-year-old family friend of hers who was back in India after a long stint abroad.

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